Top 9 HHR-P104 Panasonic Phone Battery – Cordless Telephone Batteries

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1. Kastar


Panasonic KX-FG6550 KX-FPG391 KX-TG2388B KX-TG2396 and More, Kastar 2 Pack Cordless Phone Battery for Panasonic HHR-P104 HHR-P104A Type 29

Kastar #ad - Kastar replacement Battery for Type 29 Battery. Compatible with: panasonic hhr-p104 hhr-p104a, battery biz b-779, energizer erp104, gp gp85aaalh3bxz, empire cph496, dantona batt104, ge tl96411, tl26411, 23968 439024 439025 439026 439030 439031, hi capacity b779, tl86411, again & again stb941, Interstate Bat. Package includes: 2 Batteries. Battery voltage: 3. 6v; battery capacity: 1000mAh. Battery type: Rechargeable Ni-MH.
BrandKastar #ad
ManufacturerKastar #ad
Part Number010502-0101a

2. Panasonic


Panasonic Cordless Telephone Battery HHR-P104A

Panasonic #ad - Ni-mh battery. Note: three letters on the batteries are production lot code. Type 29 cordless telephone battery.
BrandPanasonic #ad
ManufacturerPanasonic #ad
Height1 Inches
Length3 Inches
Weight0.1 Pounds
Width2 Inches
Part NumberHHR-P104A

3. EBL


EBL HHR-P104, KX-TGA520M,KX-FG6550, HHR-P104A, 2 Packs, KX-FPG391,KX-TG2388B KX-TG2396 KX-TG2300 Cordless Phone Replacement Battery

EBL #ad - Replacement battery: designed to meet or exceed performance of original battery. Still maintain 85 percent of capacity after 1 year of non-use. Compatible for model: 23968, 439024, kx-tga234, kx-tg6502, kx-tg2314, kx-tg2312, kx-fpg391, 439025, kx-tg6500, hhr-p104a, kx-tg5673, kx-tg2335, kx-tg2303, hhr-p104, kx-tga233, kx-fg6550, 439026, kx-tg2313, 439030, kx-tg2336, kx-tg2302, kx-tg2343, 439031, kx-tg2322, KX-TGA236. Package: 2 packs 3*aaa 3. 6v 1000mah rechargeable Ni-MH Battery.
BrandEBL #ad
ManufacturerEBL #ad
Height1.05 Inches
Length1.65 Inches
Width1.14 Inches
Part NumberP104
ModelP104 2 Pack

4. Goovalue88


2PACK Cordless Phone NI-MH AAA Rechargeable Battery for Panasonic HHR-P104 3.6V 830mAh Replacement Battery

Goovalue88 #ad - Qty:2 pack; voltage: 3. 6v nimh rechargeable battery. Replacement Battery for Panasonic Cordless Telephones. Works for panasonic phones that such as: kx-tg5050w, kx-tg2357b, kx-tg2302b, kx-tg2355s, kx-tg5230m, kx-tg2344b, kx-tg2313w, kx-tga523m, ky-tg5210m, kx-rG5055W, kx-tg2312w, kx-tg2322b, kx-tg5240m, kx-tg2346s, kx-tg2314w, kx-tg5200m, kx-tg2336s, kx-tg2343w, KX-TG2356S. Capacity: 830mah for panasonic Cordless Phone P-P104A/1B.
BrandGoovalue88 #ad
ManufacturerJAPUSOON #ad
Part NumberP104-2

5. Miady


HHR-P104A, KX-TGA520M,KX-FG6550, KX-FPG391,KX-TG2388B KX-TG2396 KX-TG2300 Phone Replacement3 Pack, Miady 3.6V 1000mAh Type 29 Phone Battery Compatible with HHR-P104

Miady #ad - Over temperature and over current protection. High quality replacement battery has no memory effect, long running time. Choosing a battery is more environmentally-friendly than buying a cell phone and cheaper.

Compatible with original panasonic hhr-p104 hhr-p104a type 29 battery and panasonic kx-fpg391, kx-tg2343, kx-tg2302, kx-tga523, kx-tg2322, kx-tg5055, kx-tg5210, kx-tg5213, kx-tg5230, kx-tg2355, kx-tg2356, kx-tg2314, kx-tg6500, kx-tg5050, kx-tg2312, KX-TGA520, kx-tg2346, kx-tg5240, kx-tg2344, kx-tg2357, kx-tg5202, kx-tg5212, kx-tg2313, KX-TG5200, kx-tg6502, kx-tg2386, kx-tg2335, kx-tg2336, KX-TGA650 Handset Telephone.33. 6v 3*aaa 1000mah rechargeable Ni-MH Battery, 3 Packs.
BrandMiady #ad
ManufacturerMiady #ad
Part NumberHHR-P104

6. Triangle Power


2 Pack HHR-P104 NI-MH Rechargeable Battery for Panasonic 3.6V 830mAh Battery for Cordless Phones

Triangle Power #ad - Works for panasonic phones that such as: kx-tg5050w, kx-tg5230m, kx-tg2343w, kx-tg2355s, kx-tg2344b, kx-tg2357b, kx-tg2336s, ky-tg5210m, kx-tg2322b, kx-tg5200m, KX-TG5240M, kx-tg2302b, kx-tg2312w, kx-tg2313w, kx-TG2346S, kx-tga523m, kx-tg2314w, kx-rg5055w, KX-TG2356S. Capacity: 830mah for panasonic Cordless Phone P-P104A/1B. Replacement Battery for Panasonic Cordless Telephones. Qty:2 pack; voltage: 3. 6v nimh rechargeable battery.
BrandTriangle Power #ad
ManufacturerOumaika #ad
Part NumberP104
Model3.6V 830mAh

7. iMah


IMah HHR-P104 3.6V 830mAh Cordless Phone Battery Compatible with Panasonic HHR-P104A KX-TG2314 KX-TG2322 KX-TG2343 KX-TG2344 KX-TG2346 KX-TG2356W KX-TG2357B KX-TG2366 KX-TG2382B KX-TGA560, 2-Pack

iMah #ad - Cell size: aaaa x 3, longer and thinner than the AAA size. Compatible with original panasonic hhr-p104 hhr-p104a type 29 battery and panasonic kx-fpg391, kx-tg2314, kx-tg2343, kx-tg6502, kx-tg2302, kx-tg5210, kx-tg2313, kx-tg2355, kx-tg2356, kx-tg2344, kx-tg2386, kx-tg5200, kx-tg5050, kx-tg2312, kx-tg5202, kx-tg2357, KX-TGA520, kx-tg5240, KX-TG2346, kx-tg2322, kx-tg5213, kx-tg5230, kx-tg2335, kx-tg5212, kx-tg6500, kx-tg2336, kx-tg5055, kx-tga523, KX-TGA650 Handset Telephone.

Imah ryme b14 hhr-p104 rechargeable nickel metal hydride, 830mah, 3. 6v dc. Over-voltage, over-current, over-charge, and short-circuit protection. Choose one better than buying new phones. Come with 2 imah ryme b14 hhr-p104 3. 6v 830mah cordless phone battery packs.
BrandiMah #ad
ManufactureriMahDirect #ad
Height0.7 Inches
Length5.8 Inches
Weight0.18 Pounds
Width4.2 Inches
Part Number2-Ryme B14: HHR-P104
Model2-Ryme B14: HHR-P104

8. Kastar


Kastar 4X HHR-P104 Battery Replacement for Panasonic HHR-P104A KX-FG6550 KX-FPG391 KX-TG2302 KX-TG230 KX-TG2312 KX-TG2355W KX-TG2356 KX-TG2357 KX-TG2382B KX-TG2386B KX-TG2388B KX-TG2396 Empire CPH496

Kastar #ad - Compatible with 2: panasonic kx-tg5202m kx-tg5210m kx-tg5212m kxtg5213 kx-tg5230m kx-tg5240m kx-tg5243m kx-tg5421s kx-tg5421w kx-tg5422m kx-tg5423m kx-tg5428b kx-tg5428r kx-tg5428rd kx-tg5431s kx-tg5431w kx-tg5432b kx-tg5432m kx-tg5433m kx-tg5436m kx-tg5438f kx-tg5438s kx-tg5439m kx-tg5439s kx-tg5451s kx-tg5452m kx-tg5453m kx-tg5456s kx-tg5471s kx-tg5480s kx-tg5561m kx-tg5566m kx-tg5571m kx-tg5576m kx-tg5583m kx-tg5621s kx-tg5622m kx-tg5623b kx-tg5631s kx-tg5632m kx-tg5633b kX-TG5633W KX-TG5634M.

Compatible with 1: panasonic hhr-p104 hhr-p104a hhrp104 type 29, panasonic kx-fg5210 kx-fg5212 kx-fg5213 kx-fg6550 kx-fgp378 kx-fgp379 kx-fpg378 kx-fpg379 kx-fpg391 kx-tg2300 kx-tg2302b kx-tg2312w kx-tg2313f kx-tg2313p kx-tg2313w kx-tg2314w kx-tg2314wt kx-tg2322b kx-tg2335s kx-tg2336s kx-tg2343f kx-tg2343p kx-tg2343w kx-tg2344b kx-tg2346s kx-tg2355s kx-tg2356pw kx-tg2356s kx-tg2357b kx-tg2357s kx-tg2386b kx-tg2388b kx-tg2480s kx-tg4500 handset kx-tg5050w kx-TG5055W KX-TG5200 KX-TG5200M. Battery type: ni-mh; battery voltage: 3. 6v; battery capacity: 1000mAh. Compatible with 4: panasonic kx2335 kx2336 kx234 kx2344 kx2346 kx2356 kx2357 kx236 kx2388 kx248 kx5055 kx5200 kx5202 kx5210 kx5212 kx523 kx5230 kx5240 kx5242 kx541 kx542 kx5421 kx5422 kx5423 kx5431 kx5432 kx5433 kx5438 kx5439 kx5452 kx5453 kx546 kx547 kx5471 kx548 kx5480 kx550 kx551 kx552 kx5561 kx5571 kx5576 kx5583 kx5622 kx5623 kx5632 kx5633 kx5634 kx5652 kx5653 kx5664 kx5672 kx5673 kx650 kx6502, radio shack 23968 439024 439025 439026 439030 439031.

Compatible with 3: panasonic kx-tg5651s kx-tg5652m kx-tg5653b kx-tg5664b kx-tg5671s kx-tg5672b kx-tg5673b kx-tg5776s kx-tg6500b kx-tg6502b kx-tga233 kx-tga450b kx-tga500 kx-tga520m kx-tga523m kx-tga541s kx-tga541w kx-ga542b kx-tga542m kx-tga542s kx-tga542w kx-tga545s kx-tga546s kx-tga547s kx-tga548b kx-tga548r kx-tga549f kx-tga549s kx-tga550m kx-tga551m kx-tga552m kx-tga560b kx-tga560m kx-tga650b kx-th102-c kx-th111s kx-th112s kx-tha11 kx-tha12 kx-tha17 kx-tha19s kx2303 KX2312 KX2313 KX2322.
BrandKastar #ad
ManufacturerKastar #ad
Part NumberCBA-4B-HHRP104

9. Empire


Replacement For PANASONIC HHR-P104, Panasonic KX-TG6500 Cordless Phone Battery 3.6 Volt, Ni-MH 850mAh

Empire #ad - Replaces panasonic hhR-P104. Empire model CPH-496. Cordless Phone Battery. 3. 6v 850mah rechargeable Ni-MH Battery. High quality - Long Lasting.
BrandEmpire #ad
ManufacturerKastar #ad
Height0.46 Inches
Length2.15 Inches
Width1.27 Inches
Part NumberCPH-496